How to Prevent Identity Theft

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One of the most forged crimes that happen around the world is identity theft. People portray as different people in order to obtain something valuable from the victim. We have made a lot of effort to protect our credit card number, social security number as well as other secret data and it is very alerting to know that still other people can get such data to get something from us illegally.

There are several strategies in preventing the identity theft. First you should lock your mail inbox. If you think that mail inbox that you have can be accessed by anyone, you should purchase a lock to put for it.

One; major cause of the identity stealing is that unknowns take your mail without permission and obtain your information as much as possible and then portray as you every time they do the transactions to obtain your money.

Second; strategy that can be used is by renting a PO BOX from the Post Office. PO BOX is suitable for those who usually are away on trips or do not own a mail box at home. You can get it from the local post office. By addressing all your mails to your PO BOX you can prevent strangers in accessing your mails. Using PO Box you can also deposit your outgoing mail. If you are away two days or more you can ask from the Post office a vacation hold.

The third way; to prevent identity theft is by not giving your confidential financial information over the phone. This strategy is applicable for those that pose as a telemarketer or charitable foundation for some TV store or online shop and then they require the details of your credit card. Once you have given your detail to them then your credit card line will say good bye to you.

The fourth strategy; you can use is by owning a private telephone number. It is worth since you can only receive calls from those that you know or those who have obtained your number from yourself. You need to ensure that you only give a phone number to people you can trust in order to minimize the number fraud people that have possibility to steal your identity.

Fifth; you need to locate your PINs in a secure place. It is normal if you find it hard to remember all of your PINs for email inbox, credit cards, ATM, debit cards, PayPal and more. If you can locate your PINs in a secure place, that must prevent you from so many troubles. Do not place the PIN on your plastic cards. The use of Pin is important since it can lock your card when thieve have made several unsuccessful attempts when they try to break your PIN.

This is a safe way to keep your money from being stolen even though it may be an inconvenience. For every card you put in your wallet, you need to make sure that you have its copy. Therefore, in case a thief steals your wallet, you can make a report to the authorities easily. To avoid thieves using your personal identity, you have to report your missing to the right companies. Seventh, you have t pick your passwords. Try to make a difficult password that someone else cannot have any clues when they want to break the passwords.

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