Tonka Fire Truck

tonka fire truck

Tonka Fire Truck, A Perfect Birthday Gift for Your Kids

Do you want to give your baby boy a nice birthday gift? Why don’t you try to buy him a Tonka mighty motorized fire truck? This toy is a perfect choice for him, which is not only beautiful and fun to play with. But, its features also help your kids to learn and support their growth.

The Features

Tonka Fire Truck is the best fire truck toy for 4 year old. It is all because of the amazing features that this toy has, especially if we are talking about the detail. For example, it has a motorized ladder that looks and works like a real fire ladder in the fire truck. You will have a problem finding the other fire truck toys with this feature.

The ladder itself also can be extended a lot. It is a perfect accessory for a fire truck ride on toy that can create a simulation of the fire fighting activities. Your kids also can use their imagination to use this unique feature like what they want. Therefore, we mentioned that this is not a simple fire truck for toddlers. It also helps your kids to grow, especially for their imagination and creativity development.

Watch them running around the house with this truck. Then, let them have fun to make an imaginative fire rescue situation. We bet, your kids will be happier with the fire truck toy with water cannon and playing the fire fighting game.

It also has a Hyper-Lighting feature. Using the 3 AA batteries, this toy fire truck with ladder will move and activate that lighting feature. When you turn it on, it also produces a similar siren sound like the real fire truck. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about the sound being too noisy. The sound will last for a moment. So, you also can have a peaceful time while your beloved one plays this truck around your house. Now, can you imagine how happy your kids will be when he plays and try this fire truck kids car?


No need to hesitate. You must get this truck toy now if you want to make it for your kids’ birthday D-day. You can get a fire truck toy amazon for better deals. Now, you need a wrap. Make a nice gift and give it to your baby. Guaranteed, your kids will be happy when he receives this cool toy as his birthday gift.

Buy Tonka Fire Truck !

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