New Year: New Indoor Car

When I was a kid, I have uncle who own cool car, no wonder he is was a successful business man. The interior was great it because dash board got wood material on it, this why the interior look elegant. Now I have a car with old fashioned, standard plastic dashboard, and I feel boring about it, this a new year now, and it is time to modify have new styling for my car dashboard, it took this whole year to save my monthly income to do so, so I think I deserve it, lol. I want wood dash kits just like my uncle did, but with today fashion car dashboard, only my creativity is the limit, of course.

Don’t you want to change the look of your car interior, especially dashboard, I think dashboard also affect your moods, the same boring dashboard look can contribute bad mood while driving your car for example you are trapped in a long traffic jam, beside listening your favorite song, a nice view in your interior car perhaps can reduce your stress. You can choose wood dash kits just like I do, there are some wood dash kits you can pick; real wood veneers, factory match woods, synthetic woods, real carbon fiber, aluminum, chrome and many more.

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