Avoid Checkbook Theft

avoid checkbook theft

As the progress of technology, a robbery could be happen with the help of technology. Long time ago, a robber would break in to someone house while the owner slept or leave and took the money in the saving box. This is one of the reasons why people in this modern era save their money in bank. But this is doesn’t mean we save from robbery. The most common is by identity theft. The thief gets to our bank account statement by using our checks. They stole the checkbook from your bags or pockets then they used it in the bank to take money or to pay things they buy.

Now, what we should do if this happened to us? The most important thing to do is to contact your bank as soon as you realize that your checkbook is missing. By inform the bank, they will close your bank account immediately to avoid the checkbook stealer use your checkbook to do the transactions. Besides that, there are some actions we can do to prevent identity theft with your checkbooks. The most important thing is to make sure you put your checkbook in the safe place. Most of the case, people get careless by put their checkbooks in the purchases which other people could see. Besides that, make sure you do not put it in a purchase together with your id or passport. Because this will make theft become easier to cash your check. Then do not put your social security number in your checkbooks. And also, do not put any accounts statement in the mailbox because it will make theft easier to get your bank account.

To avoid checkbooks theft, we also need to make sure our bank accounts save from strange activity. There are some ways to do this. First, when apply a bank account, you may ask the bank how they dispose your application. This to prevent people knows your bank account by read your application. Then you need to request for an annual credit report from major credit agencies to verify all account transactions. Review all check statement and cashed checks using periodic bank statements to know if there are any unofficial transaction and charges. You also need to request for privacy procedures and information application from bank. Know the situation once your bank gives your checking account information to someone. When your checkbooks are already missing, make sure to report all the stolen checks to the bank.

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