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Tips to Start A Raw Honey Indonesia Business

Raw honey Indonesia has become one of the celebrities in the pure honey market. Its quality and natural composition that is full of nutrients have attracted many people from around the world. Now, if you are interested to be an Indonesia honey supplier, there are a few things or rules you need to know.

Honey Farm Law

Indonesia has set several laws and schemes for bee breeding and honey farms. So, make sure, if you want to start this business and create a raw honey brand, make sure you follow them. They help you to make your business run smoother. For example, the law obligates you to have multiple colonies, testing facilities for bee’s disease, and R&D facilities that allow you to contribute to the raw honey market. Those might have cost you more. But, they are necessary to build a raw honey business that lasts for years.

Follow the Honey Exporters Standard

Finding the natural honey importers USA or other countries might be easy. However, giving them a product with a high satisfaction level could be a difficult task to do. For that reason, you should follow the export standard for the international honey market. Use the Codex Alimentarius for your business. Most of the natural honey importers USA and other countries accept that standard for the imported honey product.

Also, do not forget to get certification as a raw honey exporter from Indonesia. That will improve your brand image strength, which help you to get clients from other countries easier. It is necessary, especially if you plan to sell expensive honey, such as Sialang honey.

Quality Control and Honey Product Inspection

Similar to other products, you also need to do quality control and product inspection for your raw honey product. If you have enough budgets to build a team for this, you can use that method. However, you also can use a third party to inspect for you. They will help and answer all your questions. For example, does raw honey expire? This basic question is often asked by first-timer honey exporters.


Those are some tips that you need to know before you start marketing raw honey products from Indonesia. By following those tips, we believe that your business can survive and grow into a successful one. Once you have that status, people that need raw honey near me will always come to your place and buy your product.

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